Palestinian Children targeted at home, school and at play

NBC News reports on the Israeli Army’s routine night raids, terrorising children and traumatising families. 

IMG_1751The latest report from UNICEF documents the continuing systematic ill-treatment of Palestinian children detained by the Israeli army.

“Despite an ongoing dialogue with UNICEF over nearly two years, Israeli authorities have persistently failed to implement practical changes to stop violence and ill-treatment against Palestinian child detainees,” said Ayed Abu Eqtaish, Accountability Program director at Defence of the Child International-Palestine.

Evidence collected by DCI during 2014 shows:

  •  75% of Palestinian child detainees endured some form of physical violence between the period of their arrest and interrogation,
  • 50% of them were also strip searched
  • In 93% of cases children were denied access to legal counsel, and rarely informed of their rights, particularly their right against self-incrimination.
  • The use in many cases of prolonged periods of solitary confinement for interrogation purposes, a practice that amounts to torture under international law.

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Palestinian schools attacked

Schools near the occupied West Bank city of Nablus have been repeatedly attacked since our earlier reports in September.  A report by Electronic Intifada documents the ongoing targeting of schools in Nablus by Israeli forces.

The Right to Play?


Children in Hebron are routinely targeted by illegal Israeli settlers on the way to school and when they play outside. They must also navigate the checkpoints in and out of the Old City and are regularly harassed by soldiers who stop and search them with little or no reason. Read regular updates from the Christian Peacemakers team based in Hebron.


On Saturday, 10 year old Saleh Abu Shamsieh was attacked by a group of illegal settlers whilst playing in the snow. He was beaten on the arm with a metal object and taken to hospital. Tweets from ISM suggest Saleh was also later arrested but has now been released.  Read more 

Defence of the Child International petition on Gaza handed in to Downing Street and The White House

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On Friday 12th December, A4PC delivered the Defence of the Child International Gaza petition calling for an inquiry into possible war crimes in Gaza. We were supported in this action by Jeremy Corbyn MP.

Delivering the DCI petition to David Cameron at Downing Street on 12th December

Delivering the DCI petition to David Cameron at Downing Street on 12th December

The petition, signed by 17, 286 people calls on David Cameron & Barack Obama “to support the United Nations Human Rights Council Commission of Inquiry into possible war crimes in Gaza, to achieve accountability for the 501 children killed in the 2014 Israeli military offensive on the Gaza Strip.”     On the same day, DCI-Palestine delivered a copy of the petition to the White House.

DCI petition being delivered to Barack Obama at the White House

DCI petition being delivered to Barack Obama at the White House

Click here for more details: Justice for Gaza’s Children

Children of Palestine newspaper

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 20.40.02 A4PC marked UN Human Rights Day by working with Jews for Justice for Palestinians to produce and distribute a tabloid newspaper ‘Children of Palestine’. Over 20,000 copies have been handed out around England & Wales including in Salisbury, Bristol, Nottingham, Liverpool, Worcester, Leicester, Cardiff, West Midlands, Powys, Hove, Buxton, Brighton, Southampton, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Cambridge, Lewes, Norfolk, Gwynedd, Aberystwyth, Hastings, Peterborough, Somerset, Luton, Worthing, North Devon, Sandwell, London and Newcastle. There have also been over 20,000 views of the newspaper on Facebook.

Supporters handing out Children of Palestine at Trafalgar Square on 10th December

Supporters handing out Children of Palestine at Trafalgar Square on 10th December

This newspaper aims to tell some of the many, varied, stories of Palestinian children taken from a wide range of sources including Adalah, B’Tselem, DCI-Palestine, Jahalin, Military Court Watch, Oxfam, Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, Rabbis for Human Rights, Save the Children, Unicef, UNWRA, War on Want, and the YMCA.     The stories in Children of Palestine are testimony to the many ways in which Palestinian children are prevented from enjoying a childhood free from fear or the expectation of a life where their human rights are protected and upheld. These stories tell the real story of life in Palestine for children. We would like to thank everyone who has helped us get their stories heard. A print-ready PDF is available here: Children of Palestine PDF If you have any other queries just email us on a4pc@outlook.com.

Children under attack

It is clear that children are seen as legitimate targets by the Occupation. Every day, children (some as young as 7) are arrested, often violently by Israeli soldiers; attacks by armed illegal Israeli settlers are growing in number and boldness.

No More Forgotten Lives #beituniaboys

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 08.55.29 On May 15, 2014, Mohammad Abu Daher, 16, was fatally shot in the back by an Israeli soldier in the occupied West Bank city of Beitunia. One hour earlier, Israeli forces shot and killed Nadeem Nawara, 17, in the same spot. Read the facts about what happened that day and the light these facts shed on the frequent assault and killing of people in Palestine by the Israeli authorities. Then take action.

24 October 2014 Israeli army kills 14 year old Palestinian boy

14 year old, Orwah Hammad has become the 10th Palestinian child to be killed by live ammunition in the West Bank in 2014 according to Brad Parker from DCI Palestine as reported in this article from Mondoweiss :   “A Palestinian teen with U.S. citizenship was killed today by the Israeli army at a demonstration in the West Bank town of Silwad, near Ramallah. Fourteen-year old Orwah Hammad was shot with a live bullet that entered his neck and exited through his head, according to Ramallah hospital staff. He died while being treated at Ramallah hospital around 6 p.m. this evening, Jerusalem time.”

20 October 2014 Israeli soldiers detain developmentally-disabled boy

B’Tselem reports that soldiers arrested the boy, who is under the age of criminal responsibility, on suspicion of throwing stonesHis brutal arrest was caught in this video filmed by a B’Tselem volunteer and exposes the central role of settlers and settlements in the oppression of the Palestinians. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkIPsGnMqQw “The boy, A. a-Rajbi, (full name withheld in interest of privacy) who will be 12 in a month, was detained after Palestinian children threw stones at soldiers on the main road of the Jabel Johar neighborhood in Hebron, close to the settlement of Kiryat Arba. A-Rajbi was handcuffed, blindfolded, and held on the floor of an army jeep for some 15 minutes until his father arrived and convinced the soldiers to release his son, who is mentally disabled and cannot speak.  “In the video footage, filmed by B’Tselem volunteer Samih Da’na from his window, soldiers are seen holding the boy, handcuffing him, blindfolding him and closing him in the jeep, despite cries by Palestinian residents that the boy is mentally disabled. The footage also shows settlers from Kiryat Arba, watching the incident from behind the settlement’s fence. Some are seen calling out encouragement to the soldiers, including several racist remarks.”

19 October Inas Khalil, 5, killed after being run over by Israeli settler

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 10.15.28                       Inas Shawkat Khalil has died after being hit by a car driven by an Israeli settler who did not stop. Another girl, Toleen Omar Asfour, is currently stable in hospital recovering from her wounds. Both girls were on their way home from kindergarten in Sinjil, Ramallah. Read more in the Middle East Monitor

16 October 2014 Baha Eldeen Samir Bader, 12 killed by IDF bullet

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 19.11.39Defence of the Child International reports: “Baha Eldeen Samir Bader, 12, was killed by a bullet to his chest after Israeli soldiers raided Beit Liqya, southwest of Ramallah, on the evening of Thursday, October 16. Israeli soldiers bombarded the village with tear gas and ammunition. “Israeli forces continue to fire live ammunition at Palestinian children, killing them with impunity,” said Ayed Abu Eqtaish, Accountability Program Director at DCI-Palestine. “Israeli soldiers consistently violate their own live-fire regulations and know that they will not be held accountable for their actions no matter what the result.” According to eyewitness testimonies collected by DCI-Palestine, three Israeli military jeeps entered Beit Liqya at around 5:00 pm on Thursday afternoon. The raid resulted in a confrontation between Israeli soldiers and local youths. Eyewitnesses said that about eighteen soldiers were present in the village when Baha was shot. One bystander told DCI-Palestine that Baha was returning home from playing on the football field, and had not been involved in the clashes at the time he was fatally shot. The witness was standing only 2 meters (6.5 feet) away from the child when he was shot. Baha died as a result of severe bleeding from a gunshot wound to his chest, according to medical sources. Baha arrived at the hospital without vital signs and was pronounced dead at around 8:30 pm.”

10 September 2014: Schools attacked, teachers threatened

Illegal Israeli settlers attacked two schools in Nablus, Alaban & As-Sawiya. These photographs show the incident and some of the damage caused:

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8 September 2014: Children violently detained near Hebron

Two adults and two children, aged seven and twelve, were arrested by Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint near the West Bank city of Hebron, with the help of stun grenades and tear gas canisters. Fortunately the International Solidarity Movement were there to record the incident.

Seven-year-old arrested in Hebron

Seven-year-old arrested in Hebron

This is just one of many recent incidents in the West Bank, where children have suffered aggression on the way to and from school. An ISM spokesman said: “It is clear to see how the Israeli army’s tactic of collective punishment is carried out in the daily lives of Palestinians, and children suffering from tear gas inhalation before and after school is not an unusual occurrence in Hebron.” Children as young as six have been arrested. Read more about our campaign for child prisoners.

  Action for Palestinian Children campaigns against the deterioration of Palestinian children’s rights to health, education, and for a childhood free from fear. Action for Palestinian Children promotes the Rights of the Child as laid out in the UN Convention of the Child with a special focus on Palestinian children throughout the world.